Free List of Directories

Find a large collection of top quality free directories on the web where you can get your listed.

Free List of Directories - Find a large collection of top quality free directories on the web where you can get your listed.


<h2> <b> 1. SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION)</b> </h2>

SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) is the most important part of website to prosper in online business. SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) is simply the use of search engines to generate traffic to a website.

It is the process for a web page to be indexed by search engines. Our real purpose is to rank your website high in search engines.


Suggest keywords to clients :

We suggest the most relevant keywords, key-phrases and key-terms for their website promotion.

Select Web-pages for optimization :

We select the web-pages for optimization from your website. Your site may have 50-60 pages but based on your package, we select the most important and relevant pages for optimization.

Meta Tags Development :

META tags are a very important HTML component if you wish to achieve good search engine performance. META tags contain title, description, and keywords for the relevant web pages. Once the Meta tags are created, we upload it on the relevant web pages. Configuration of image Alts Tags, and Link Anchor Tags.

Google XML Sitemap :

We will create XML sitemap and submit to Google to crawl all the pages.

Header Tags Development :

Search engines looks for header tags with relevant content and keywords based on your products and content of the page where web users looking for that. We generate header tags based on your keywords and content that suits for your product pages, so search engines like that pages where it found the header tags with good content and links.

Robots Text File (robots.txt) :

The robots.txt file is the first thing that a search engine looks for in your root directory, as it indicates which files you do not want the robot to crawl and which files you do not allow to be indexed in the search engines.


Manual Submission to TOP Search Engines and Directories :

• Search engines like directories, as they are high quality hubs (a hub is a collection of authority links to related sites from relevant categories). • Directories get good traffic and your site obviously gets traffic if you are listed in directories. • Some directories provide high relevant anchor texts and this in turn will get high ranking in a short period of time. • Directories also transfer good Page Rank to your site. • Directory links are permanent. You only have to pay once for directory submission. • Get Back links, not required to give link back to them

Link Exchange/Reciprocal Link Exchange :

• Reciprocal Link exchange is an effective way to establish links from related websites. • In reciprocal link exchange process, you trade links with related potential partner sites by offering a link back to their site from your site. • Gets quality traffic through links from relevant sites which is one of the most important reasons to have quality links pointing to your site. • It can be a very effective and inexpensive way to help your website traffic grow and succeed online. • Reciprocal link exchange can also increase your website's link popularity, and lead to a boost in your website's search engine ranking. • Increase the awareness, visibility and credibility of your site.

Article posting :

• Article posting in a large number of web pages leads to a large number of back links for you. • These links are considered to be of a much better quality than those provided by commercial link builders, thus increasing the value as well as the ranking of your web site by major search engines like Google. • You can post articles in the vast number of online article directories that accept articles on a wide variety of subjects. • Submitting articles to article directory websites not only get one way link but also help in pulling traffic to website from targeted market. • Article submission the No.1 choice to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Press Release/News Release Submissions :

The purpose or aim of a press release is to make an announcement to the internet that here is your website. • Press release generated the relevant traffic to your website. • Press releases are an excellent way to build quality inbound links. • Submitting your press release to the various reliable press release services to search engine spiders by indexing your information and improve your search engine rankings. • Free publicity is being generated. • Increased visibility for your website • Increase new customers and new investors • It is also a way to get your business noticed in the media.

Blog Commenting :

• Blog (or forum) comments to drive qualified traffic to your site. • Blog comments are an effective online marketing effort because, while they generally bring traffic to your site in small numbers, that traffic is often highly qualified and motivated.

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